Our living environment is always surrounded by things that are
somewhat designed, and this genvironmenth is where
graphic design has the power to influence people.
Graphic designing, as a type of visual communication,
is capable of instantaneously changing peoplefs
decisions on their following actions and could even guide
those who may be confused by the enormous amounts of
information available in our society today.
It is easy to express one-way information, which provides direct,
easily interpreted answers to the receivers. However,
receivers often show no interest in the given answers,
but rather desire something that stimulates their sense of imagination.
The most important thing is to express a message in a design
that can be felt and understood at the same time,
and that should serve as a hint to the deeper message of it.
Even though simplified code-like patterns could provide direct answers,
the receivers should be able to find their own answers.
After all, the power of design is shown at its greatest
by adding the act of gcreatingh to that of gmakingh.
We will further be involved in designing with the mind of creating.